Welcome To Xaviers International University

XAVIERS INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY  is  an Autonomous University Since 1965 &  First Online University of India since 1994 , which has got  International accreditation by  the  World Online Education Accrediting Commissions-U.S.A , Unicef International  Accreditation Agency  for Online Universities ( I.A.A.O.U. ) and  the  Universal Council  for Online Education Accreditation  ( U.C.O.E.A.) . We are one of  the leading Online Universities catering to the  Educational needs of  thousands of  Working  Adults and Students through a comprehensive Certificate /  Diploma  / Bachelor /  Master /  M.Phil /  Ph.D  Degree program in all major disciplines . Xaviers International offers a truly diverse range of majors under its various Degree programs, allowing you to get recognition for  your  life-long Learning without attending regular classes and Studying by means of Off-Campus Centers . All the majors and courses we offer are frequently reviewed and new majors are constantly being added in order to reflect the ever-expanding range of professional fields in today’s world.

The Philosophy behind X.I.U

A firm believer in the philosophy of a higher education for all , Xaviers International University has been serving community needs for many years. Xaviers International University has moved beyond the traditional brick-and-mortar learning structure where a learner is required to attend classes through virtual or real-time mediums and complete course assignments. Xaviers International University was one of the First University to realize that this method isn’t effective where time and money are the major concerns , So started Off-Campus Medium of Study .

In contrast, Xaviers International University believes in the 100% recognition of experience and knowledge through appropriate and accredited Degrees. Accordingly, Xaviers International offers a diverse range of majors in virtually each and every area of professional life. Knowledge, from our point of view, has no boundaries or limits. Conclusively, the journey of exploration of one’s self-enhancement starts right here at Xaviers International University.

Message From The Registrar

Hi Guys!

Hello & welcome to Xaviers International University 

I am Dr. S.C. Xavier , Registrar of Xaviers International University. I hope this page will give you an overview of what Xaviers International University is all about and the distinct benefits to professionals and working adults to be gained from our Certificate /  Diploma  / Bachelor /  Master /  M.Phil /  Ph.D Degree programs.  Let me begin by telling you about  the extensive variety of majors  we offer under each Degree program. You will find No other University offering such a wide variety of majors. Not only that , but if you are unable to find your required major in Certificate /  Diploma  / Bachelor /  Master /  M.Phil /  Ph.D  curricula, then Xaviers International makes appropriate arrangements for the exclusive availability for  that major. Our evaluation faculty , which heads these Certificate /  Diploma  / Bachelor /  Master /  M.Phil /  Ph.D Degree programs, is highly competent and second to none in terms of expertise and experience.

Our Certificate /  Diploma  / Bachelor /  Master /  M.Phil /  Ph.D Degree Programs are recognized as benchmarks and an acknowledgment of one’s prior knowledge. These are designed to help our students reach their Personal and Career Goals.  We encourage you to choose Xaviers International University  and associated Colleges as your institute for Future .

We are committed to helping you work on your goal of finding a rewarding career . We are very proud of our graduates and look forward to you joining their ranks .


Dr. S.C Xavier


Xaviers International University

Our Partnership Programs

In order to support education at all levels, Xaviers International has developed a comprehensive partnership program for corporate and community colleges. After a community college becomes our partner, its students can obtain accredited degrees in their desired fields at special discounts. As for the corporate world, Xaviers International partnership program lets us join hands with leading ventures and assist in the skill enhancement programs of their employees, also at discounted prices. Our combination of traditional and fully-accredited degree programs, along with our partnership programs, truly allows us to provide more options to students in communities far and wide. Job Prospects

Xaviers International offers exciting and prestigious job prospects to its students. The university has a variety of on-campus and off-campus jobs and internship opportunities that students can explore. Xaviers International provides a range of training, internships, and employment opportunities to expose qualified and competent students to hands-on work experience and skill development in areas like university administrative and evaluation faculty.

Privacy Policy

Xaviers International University has definite and well-defined policies and procedures to which it strictly adheres.

• Xaviers International strictly follows the accreditation guidelines set by the International Accreditation Agency for Online Universities (IAAOU) and the Universal Council for Online Education Accreditation (UCOEA).

• Xaviers International also shares and respects student concerns about privacy. We operate under the guidelines of nondisclosure of personal information.

• Xaviers International grants Degrees only after a definitive and comprehensive evaluation process and , hence, there are no bypasses or exceptions to this system.

• The decisions of the evaluation faculty at Xaviers International are independent and irreversible.